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Car Accident?

How to Avoid the Seven Costly Mistakes after a Car Crash

• Most injuries occur at crash speeds below 12 mph.
• Most cars withstand 8-12 mph impacts without vehicle damage.
• More than half of all Low Speed Rear Impact Collision injuries occur without vehicle damage.
• There is no correlation between vehicle damage and extent of injury.
• Minnesota is a no-fault state meaning that regardless of who caused the accident, the injured victim’s health care costs are typically 100% covered by their own insurance with no co-pays.
• No-fault law allows you to see any physician you which including doctors of chiropractic. Medical benefits rarely have deductibles and are paid at 100% with no co-pays.
• You do not need a referral from you insurer or medical provider to treat at our clinic for you motor vehicle crash.

Common Symtpoms after a Motor Vehicle Crash

• Neck Pain
• Headache
• Fatigue
• Shoulder Pain
• Low Back Pain
• Sleep Disturbance
• Impaired Concentration
• Blurred Vision
• Dizziness
• Forgetfulness

End Your Back Pain

If your days and nights are spent in an agony of unrelenting back pain, and the results of traditional medical treatment have been disappointing, there is an alternative.  If you would like to learn how your back pain might be relieved once and for all through chiropractic care, please call our office today to make an appointment for a free consultation.

Sports Injuries

Are you sidelined with a sports injury that is not responding to traditional medical care? Are you not playing at peak efficiency? More and more, coaches and athletes are turning away from traditional medical treatment and pain-killing drugs, because the treatments and medicine do not address the cause of the pain. To learn more about how chiropractic deals with sports injuries, and returns the athlete to peak efficiency, click here.


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